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Rum Fest BERLIN 2017

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>> 14 & 15 October 2017 // STATION Berlin

Visit BUSS SPIRITS at the Rum Fest BERLIN: “On October 14 and 15, the wonderful world of rum is gathering again at the 7th GERMAN RUM FESTIVAL at STATION-Berlin, presenting the incredible and exciting variety of rum, rhum and Cachaça.” Find all relevant information on the event website: and on the venue website for location details (

This year BUSS SPIRITS will be presenting the rebranded SHACK Rum Super Spiced bottle. We launched this wonderful blended and spiced rum in 2014. We just finished the redesign and hope you like it.

Never mind the judges, the competitions or the medals! Come meet our off-the-scale Super Spiced rum and make up your own mind. Sample the goods and have a chat with the founder. 


STAND Nr. 20

We are sharing a stand with our esteemed partner: Southern Spirits. Visit us. Let's have a chat and, of course, taste SHACK Rum Super Spiced!

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Why should we meet?

  • You are an expert mixologist or the owner of a trendsetting bar.
  • You are the owner of a specialty store, selling premium spirits and other high-end goods.
  • You are a wine and spirits distributor.

  • You are a professional in the food and beverage industry.
  • You are crazy about new flavours and always in search of amazing and innovative palates.
Drop by our stand to talk about how we can work together.

Meet the founder.

Serge Buss is a restaurant professional from a long line of independent entrepreneurs. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 20 and has been on a passionate quest for new and exciting flavours ever since.

We are visiting the Rum Fest BERLIN to present our delicious SHACK Rum Super Spiced but BUSS SPIRITS has much more to offer.

From the experiences and customer input at his cocktail bar ‘Bar Bounce’ in Antwerp – Belgium, Serge developed the recipe and maceration process for his first spirit: BUSS N° 509 Raspberry gin, which was released late 2013.

Today BUSS SPIRITS offers a premium gin range of 8 wonderful varieties: Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, White Rain, Elderflower, Persian Peach, Master Cut, Rebel Cut, Midi Cut. Next to that the company developed a premium spiced rum: SHACK Rum Super Spiced, an elegant premium tonic mixer range: SYNDROME Tonics (Raw, Velvet, Grapefruit, Sweet Roses) and a brand new soft drink: SYNDROME Rose Lemonade.

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Of course, we will be manning our booth permanently during the two days of Rum Fest BERLIN. But if you want to book a specific time slot, please fill out the form below, so we can pencil you into our schedule.

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