What started me off?


BUSS N°509 Raspberry Gin. Still super proud of this first gin I created in 2013. Taking this ‘odd one out’ approach (coloured gin is not really a standard) from the start took some courage. But I listened to and learned from my clients in Bar Bounce (my own Gin & Tonic bar) and they simply LOVED the presentation. And kept coming back for more.

Combining this daring approach with a top of the line premium distillation has made all the difference. We have set a standard on – first and foremost – amazing quality and superb presentation. Respecting the fact that drinking gin is a complete experience. The craftsmen of the trade – top bartenders and mixologists – love working with these gins. And that is definitely one of our goals: giving these artists some exquisite tools to work with.

This has grown into a full Author Collection range: https://www.linkedin.com/company/buss-n%C2%B0509-author-collection