True Belgian premium quality,
inspired by passion and craftsmanship
from the harbour city of Antwerp.


An introduction to our brands & positioning

Presenting our range

"Author Collection Gins"

All the gins in our BUSS N°509 Author Collection are made with fresh fruit and botanicals. The colour and flavour are the result of a natural maceration process with fresh ingredients, resulting in a range of gins that is delightfully full and elegant.

"Choice Cut Collection Gins"

The gins in our BUSS N°509 Choice Cut Collection are the result of our combined craftsmanship, established product know-how and infamous drive towards experimentation. Perfect examples of Buss Spirits excellence from a premium selection of botanicals.

"Limited Edition Gins"

Limited Edition spin-offs from our BUSS N°509 Author Collection. The colour and flavour are the result of a natural maceration process with fresh ingredients.

"Shack Rums"

A delicate, aged Caribbean blend, based on a Haitian recipe and good voudu vibes. Made of quality rums from Barbados, Guatemala and Trinidad.

"Syndrome Tonics"

The ultimate foundation for mixing sterling Gin & Tonics but also to be savoured as regular soda drinks. Made by and for mixologists. Suitable for all gins on the market.

"Syndrome Soft Drinks"

Our line of ‘new classic soft drinks’. We aim to offer high-premium alternatives to the larger soft drink brands. For everyone who loves evolution and experiment. 

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How to sell these products?

The products in the Buss Spirits range all have been carefully crafted and honed, resulting in a broad set of USPs at your disposal to convince your clients.


A summary of things worth mentioning!

Distillation quality:

Let’s not get side-tracked. This is our first and foremost concern. All too many new gin brands are just buying a base spirit, infuse it with a few extras and slap a label on it. That’s not how we do it.

We can pride ourselves on using our own unique premium distillation from 100% wheat grain, tailored with carefully selected botanicals. We have full control over both the quality and safety of our spirits. We are able to handle larger volumes without losing the artisan grade standards.

Maceration expertise:

Many try but few succeed. Macerations with fresh fruit are tricky business.

Thanks to the right partnership with our distiller, we have been able to hone the specific creations and ideas by Serge Buss into premium products.


Let’s not deny it, colour works. The colours, that result from the natural macerations, are appealing to both consumers and mixology professionals. These colours have made a huge difference in our positioning. And many other quality brands do not feel threatened to see our products as add-ons to other ranges. They appeal to a different audience.

It’s all in the presentation!

On-trade profile:

WE LOVE MIXOLOGISTS. It’s that simple. Every new product is constructed on the trends, needs and fantasies of our bartender network.

Creator Serge Buss has been well embedded in the mixology scene from the experiences in his own bar. He knows that the bartenders are our true ambassadors. It is them we need to convince of the value of our products. And the rest will follow.

Full range:

We have added 3 important classics with a twist to our range of macerated gins. These are all direct cuts, which means: no macerations after distilling. Their natural botanical flavour blends will cater a wide array of mixing and cocktail options for all mixologists.

This wide spread of options in our range makes us a bartender’s favourite.


Our Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit gins are the ideal gateway drinks for gin amateurs.

When the gin hype took off, Serge felt that there was something missing in the gins on the market to cater the palate of women, which often didn’t like the classic bitterness in gin. He resolved this by using the maceration techniques he had adopted from his restaurant years. The flavours and colours proved to be right on target. Word of mouth did the rest: we made a gin for people that say they don’t like gin.

Smart add-ons:

We don’t just stick to gin. Serge also had a strong opinion of what a good tonic should be. Again with a clear focus on the professional needs, we created Syndrome Tonic. These tonics are the ideal promotional support of our gins in the on-trade network.

We now have a range of 4 flavours: Raw (extra quinine) – Velvet (Bitter Orange and Thyme) – Grapefruit (citrus fruits with focus on grapefruit) – Sweet Roses (with real Bulgarian rose extract).

Belgian standard:

When it comes to gourmet and specialty food products, there’s no denying that Belgians have somewhat of a great reputation.

Why not use our Belgian standard as a reference in your sales story. It opens a lot of doors.


P.O.S. templates

Over the past years we have created a number of on-trade
and specialty store POS materials.


Below you can find a list of available templates.
We are open to suggestions from your side as well, of course.

The partnership



The flavour innovator & brand builder.

All the products, ideas and flavours in the Buss Spirits range came from the mind of Serge Buss, a restaurant and catering professional with over 35 years of experience.

Like no other, Serge can translate the likes and loves of people into premium quality products.

Never forgetting that every product also needs to be a true inspiration to the professional mixologists using it.



The expert distiller & artisan.

To many spirits professionals, Patrick Zuidam needs no introduction. A next generation expert distiller and most passionate about his job.

Patrick’s expertise in macerating techniques, used and perfected in the creation of his own range of liqueurs, was a perfect match for the BUSS N°509 range, invented by Serge Buss. Needless to say that Patrick brings some great know-how into the business. 

" Perfect Balance "

As the initial BUSS N°509 Raspberry Gin concept by Serge Buss started to lift off, Patrick seemed the only valid partner to provide expert input, maintain the high quality standards imposed by Buss Spirits and allow higher volume production, while keeping the artisan techniques in place.


Both Serge and Patrick are obsessed with quality. They both solemnly believe that artisan production and respect for the ingredients are at the heart of this.


There is an unspoken rule to never compromise on the premium grade, even if some of Serge’s experiments take us into uncharted territories. This makes us true innovators in the field.

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