Ordering samples

There sometimes is confusion about how to order samples from us and what the process looks like. Here are general guidelines we follow at Buss Spirits.

Some of our clients are new at importing spirits into their region and we would like to shed light on some certain details, based on experiences we’ve had with some partnership start-ups. This may help you get a better picture of the issues and pitfalls, as to avoid surplus costs.

We are largely dealing with alcoholic products here, of course, so there are matters of excise duties and customs clearance to consider. Regulations vary slightly per country/region, so please be certain to find yourself well informed.


Bonded warehouse:

Anyone with a bonded warehouse number (holding a valid license number, suitable for storing spirits) can order samples of our alcoholic beverages from us. This does not apply if you are only ordering soft drinks.

If you don’t have a bonded warehouse within the network of your company, please contact a bonded warehouse partner that can help you with this process.

Please note that this service will incur extra handling costs, which are often volume based, but there are also basic administration fees involved that are not volume based and can sometimes be a bit steep, just for processing a few samples. Be sure to get a clear and binding costing preview from any third party you address for this.


The samples are free, but… !

We get over 5 sample requests per week so I’m sure you understand that we don’t send out samples to just anyone.

Of course, we want to make sure that we can help out any motivated party and develop every promising partnership lead. That is why – at first – we will charge you for the samples but we will the deduct the full product amount of your sample order from your first regular order. So yes, the samples are free but not a gratuity.



All goods (samples or regular orders) outside our own domestic territory are always subject to pre-payment conditions. Once you place your (sample) order, you will receive a pro-forma invoice from us with a clear summary of all costs involved (product cost, handling costs, transport costs, …).

After we receive your proof of payment of this pro-forma, we pack the goods within maximum 2 working days and send them out to you with related tracking info of the shipment.

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