Brand Ambassadors

Serge Buss:

The owner and founder of Buss Spirits. All the creations in our range sprang from his mind, based on real experience from a lifetime of expert restaurant know-how.

Serge is a highly practiced bartender and knows how to entertain a crowd. A mind filled with stories and anecdotes about the Antwerp night-life and a real passion for premium spirits.

Jeremy Houssa:

Jeremy is not just your regular, run-off-the-mill brand ambassador. This man is a true phenomenon with a sound vision and clearly defined purpose, all mixed into a strong personality.

From the very start he has been supporting our products and experimenting with all kinds of crazy mixes, in true mixology style from his home-base at Le Doktor Jack in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium

We call in Jeremy’s help whenever there is need for an expert on the scene. A great added value to our team and a real professional that can come up with a new mix or cocktail as easily as breathing.

Don’t hesitate to book Jeremy for your event. He can create true magic with our BUSS N°509 gins and Shack Rum.

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