Our core values

Sometimes we get questions about the nature and the values of our business. Why do we make certain choices. First of all, we want to survive and thrive as a business. This means growth. But this growth is not just a blind process, it is guided by a set of core values.


Quality for everyone:

Buss Spirits wants to create products that appeal to a large audience, at affordable prices and of premium quality. With this focus on premium quality, we can never be the cheapest on the market but we will give you the best quality/price ratio. One of our mottos: ‘Producing alcohol comes with the responsibility of not producing poor quality’.


For bartenders:

Every product we make, needs to appeal to the bartender community. It is how we started out and it is clear that these are the people that truly innovate our business.



In our premium range, we pride ourselves in keeping our production process as natural as possible. The best example is our BUSS N°509 Raspberry gin where you can taste the results of a real fruit maceration with fresh raspberries. A huge difference with synthetically flavoured spirits on the market.

We distill, blend and macerate with fresh fruits and premium selected botanicals to create all our products. We work with the best partners available that uphold these same standards of natural production.

This ‘natural’ value especially makes us a bit more expensive than low-end pouring products. But this is easily justifiable in our production process and ingredient selection. So, you always get what you pay for.



Our suppliers are carefully selected from Belgium or our neighbouring countries to ensure lower carbon footprints but also to support our European market as much as possible.

We can never feel comfortable in using source materials from questionable sources or from countries that are known to uphold lower standards when it comes to ecology or human rights.

Again, a bit more expensive, yes. But well worth its price.


Fair business:

In all stages of our growth we maintain a fair and open business policy with our suppliers and our clients.

In the first stages of our domestic distribution we were highly reliant on our bartender network, on-trade contacts and specialty store* partnerships. A community we still value highly and for which we keep developing a separate products lines.

To protect the interests of all clients, we work with a clear product-split to support the channel-split strategy. It is important to us that specialty stores* and high-end bars can keep making money with our high-end expressions (Choice Cut Collection Gin, White Rain Gin, and selected fruit Gins) while we offer our more commercial expressions (Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit) to retail to drive consumer demand, which should ultimately benefit both on-trade and specialty store* sales, much in the same way online shops do.

This is the hardest part in our value set because ‘fairness’ is often in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone is happy with the choices a company needs to make to keep growing solidly. It is never our intention to set back anyone in this process, but things do need to change in order for a company to grow. We strive to maintain a good balance for all parties involved.


* We do recognise that specialty stores are the most vulnerable players in the field. But our strategy there is pretty simple: certain of our products are only available for on-trade and specialty stores. Currently this is our expert Choice Cut Collection (BUSS N°509 Master Cut, BUSS N°509 Rebel Cut, BUSS N°509 Midi Cut) and our BUSS N°509 White Rain Gin.

Contact us if you own a specialty store and have questions about this or need advice on how to best work with our sales channel split to get the best results.

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